Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Had to start somewhere

Why not start on a great trip?

I've always been so bad at updating anything other than my Facebook. Finally, it's time to crack down and keep up a blog of my own.

For the inaugural post, I think it's entirely appropriate that I am updating from a foreign country. The first few posts in this journal of sorts will be of a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Currently, Maria and I are occupying the couch in our little apartment in Almagro, a middle-class porteƱo neighborhood close to the city center.

Per the norm, we took a massive nap after arriving, but in as little clothing as possible because the power was out in the area. No air conditioning for the afternoon. That inconvenience was especially nasty when lugging up our suitcases 8 fights of stairs.

But after we settled in, we took a little viajecito to find some food. Ironically (if that's even the right term), we found a hole-in-the-wall place and ordered Paella Valenciana (I guess we thought we were in Spain). I think we're really going to dig it here.

Welp, I wish I was better at the words part of this, but unfortunately, I'm running low on them.

(PS I just got a new camera for the holidays/birthday which was very much needed. I now own a Canon 60D! I think the creation of this blog coincides well with my new acquisition). BOOM.
I'm very happy with my high ISO settings.

Good night, Buenos Aires. See you tomorrow.


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