Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm behind

I have so much to show you! But recently, I have been lazy, so maybe on one of these days when I have nothing else to share, I'll get to the stuff that's been placed on the back burner.

But today; today was the bomb.

First of all, the padres were able to experience what it has been like for Maria and I the past few days: we sleep in till noon, eat a little, hang out at the apartment, and then decide to go out mid-afternoon. That's exactly what happened today, and it was fantastic.

Dad had wanted to see some architecture and plazas, so we went back to Recoleta for a version of the free tour that Maria and I had taken a few days earlier. Afterwards, we ended up in Plaza Recoleta near the cemetery--but also near La Biela. We decided to pop into this historic café. The up-and coming of Buenos Aires have been sipping their mid-afternoon café for over 100 years so we joined them.

We had a platter of meats, cheeses, olives and tomatoes. It was delicious. We were pleasantly surprised to find prosciutto/jamón serrano (I lived in Italy/Maria lived in Spain; they are basically the same).

La comida

Viejas ricas

Mom, pondering the spice of life

Looking out the window

Viejos amigos

After La Biela, dad wanted to get a better look at Plaza Congreso, so we took the Subte and took a quick walk around the plaza. On a side note, the Subte ride was probably the most crowded train I have ever been on in my life (rush hour in a city of 14 million).
Rainbow, Plaza Congreso
The view of the plaza was worth it though. We even got a little arco iris.

The real highlight of the day, though, was the tango show we saw this evening at Complejo Tango. Take our advice and the advice of others, and don't go there for dinner. The "copa show" of just drinks and the show will do you just fine. The appetizers we had were not very appetizing.

Bailando el tango

Drinks and a show

Maria gettin' her groove on

Great show; great day.
Hasta pronto, amigos.


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