Saturday, January 8, 2011

Más Pirottes!

Today was another lazy one, but we were able to meet some more Pirottes that live here in the Buenos Aires area: Anna Maria, Susana's sister, and her family. We met downtown and walked to a fantastic Italian restaurant Las Cuartetas where we had pizza. Here in Buenos Aires, there is a lot of Italian influence. Anna Maria's husband Roberto has Italian blood, as does Anna Maria on her mother's side. Also, interestingly enough, they have both Argentine and Italian citizenship.

We talked a lot about travel, as their family enjoys visiting other places like we do. It would have been interesting to note my level of Spanish at the beginning of the night, and then at the end. I know it improved drastically. Nicolas, their son, spoke English, but didn't talk too much (but knew every word I struggled with)! He probably is more skilled than I am.

Our time with the family took us, again, to Puerto Madero, which is fine with me. That area is one of my favorites in Buenos Aires. Tonight, we went to a place to tomar un poco before going back home. I had a café porteño, which had coffee, a liqueur, and some cream. Similar to Irish coffee, but with a different liqueur than Bailey's.

We were since invited to go to an "asado" at the family's casa on Wednesday. Roberto said he would pick us up in his car since he works in town. I'm looking forward to seeing their house and how their lives are in "las afueras" de Buenos Aires--much like our suburbs.

Anyway, thought I'd make this blogito a little short tonight; I'm tired. I have some great photos from a tour we took yesterday, and from Recoleta cemetery (creepy!) that I will post mañana. Time to dormir.

I'll leave you with some pictures from our visita.

From back left to right: Dad (Patrick Pirotte), Nicolas, Roberto.
Front: Anna Maria (Pirotte was her maiden name), Mom (Andrea) and Maria. [After stuffing our faces with pizza.]

Only difference: substitute Roberto for me.

Dad y Anna Maria talking about the family "arbol". It was almost eerie when Anna Maria busted out an old photograph that she has at home...that also sits in Grandma and Grandad's basement. (Peter and Susana Pirotte. We're original with names...) It's weird to know you have family half a world away that you're meeting for the first time.
Hasta miércoles, "Pirottes"! Can't wait for nuestro asado. Hopefully, I'll be posting more pics tomorrow from our recent adventures.

"Chao," amigos.


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