Friday, December 31, 2010

Well Hello, Guest! Post by the Stupendous Maria.

This is Maria speaking, er... writing.

So Benito Juarez wants me to post, and so I am posting. Feliz Nuevo Año! Es 2011! Ben and I were commenting among the drunken throngs how weird that is, and how weird it was that we were in summer clothes on New Year's Eve.

But back to our day: once again, we failed as human beings by not getting out of bed until about 1pm. We had our ritual bowl of cereal, looked at random YouTube videos, choked on things laughing at each other and the like, and we didn't leave the apartment til about 4:30 pm, but estamos de vacaciones!

We decided that since we have been lazy do-nothings for the past two days that we would dar un paseo downtown, and it was quite a lovely walk. It took about an hour.

While we were basking in the sun and walking down sidewalks filled with doggie doodie, we stumbled upon a protest of indigenous Argentinians. Susana, mentioned in the previous post, told us that New Year's Eve/Day were filled with rallies (we know them as races, like the Indy 500), and protests.

"We are all Qom. The Earth is our life."

It was actually kind of funny because there were several people who were nowhere near indigenous-looking, but your heritage is in your heart...right? I don't know. Anyway, andiamo! 

Ben is good at taking pictures of buildings and landscapes. I, however, enjoy taking pictures of people, especially little kiddos [however crappy the pictures may be]! They are so incredibly darling, and I just can't resist taking photos of them.

Like mother, like daughter

Look at her run! I just wanted to scoop her up and take her home with me. Does that make me a baby-snatcher?
Wait... that's... just my masterful picture of Ben, since the photographer nunca gets photographed.
Also, he put me in charge of taking pictures of him because he says he needs them, but really he's just a narcissist, and he needs them for his MySpace album.
Tie-ing shoes and telling stories. Plaza Mayo.

After traipsing all over Buenos Aires for a couple of hours, our feets were tired, so we hailed a cab back home, got some more groceries for tomorrow, and took yet another nap. How embarrassing. 

Despues, we wanted to go out at least for a little while, porque it would be a travesty slash the lamest thing in todo el mundo if we didn't, because it's New Year's Eve. We both are pretty uncomfortable with the idea of clubbing with each other, so we settled for people watching. It was pretty fantastico. 

We waited, and por fin, the fireworks started! They were beautiful, right over el rio, and there were lots of people out and about watching them with us. We also followed a group of Brazilians that were drunk, loud, and hilarious. One of them looked like Snookie, which begs the question, is Brazil the Jersey of the southern hemisphere? We pondered this, and then got distracted by their incessant singing and flag-waving hilarity. 

All in all, it was a good day and a fun and very exotic way to spend the Eve of the New Year.

Feliz Nuevo Año a todos, y un besito.


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