Sunday, January 2, 2011

Un día mejor

Hola amigos. I'll just begin with: TODAY KICKED YESTERDAY'S ASS.

I had a few moments when everything seemed to make me nervous--and I still had that pit in my stomach. But after many MANY hours of walking around Palermo, Recoleta, Microcentro and Puerto Madero, stopping in two different parks to sit, laying in the sun, eating street food (Bife sandwiches con papas fritas), and watching the sun set over Puerto Madero, it was all better, thanks for asking.

Maria and I talked with the padres this evening for quite a while. I'm really excited for them to get here in a few days because:
1. My dad is the world's best and will be buying me a replacement camera (since I would do it as soon as I got home anyway, and really wanted it for this trip). He's the bomb. [side note: I tried to buy a 60D today on Calle Florida for 12999 pesos=more than $3,000. In the states it costs less than $1,000. WTF)
2. We can go to all the fancy parillas Maria and I have been eyeing.  
3. The four of us always have the best time together. 10 days of summer, speaking Spanish, eating fantastic comida together=BAM, recipe for a damn good time.

So, Buenos Aires New Years: awesome. We read the city is usually dead, but the people who wrote that must be the dead ones. Puerto Madero was crawling with people! Many (it seemed like all) of them were Brazileños having a good ol' time, and though most of them might not have been porteños, there was definitely a party going on. Fireworks and the like, it was a great time.

Sadly, the last 60D is probably being sold for parts as we speak in a shady-ass Argentine pawn shop. In homage to its greatness, I will post its last photos from New Year's eve.

Fireworks over Puerto Madero. 

Fireworks y amor
Everybody was wearing white? It seemed like a uniform.
Time for some grainy black and white. The 60D's ISO goes all the way up to 12800. Check it out:
Estos Brazileños partying like it was 1999. They were goin' nuts. 

Hordes of gente

Maria, always needing to check herself out. Here: fixing her hair in a shop window while waiting to get some food.

Everybody seemed so happy. Why so sad, man?


And lots of it. 
Hasta mañana!


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